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  • Create A Compelling Homepage


    Posted on November 24, 2010 at 11:17 am

    digital recipe #8

    Think of a homepage as a first date. The first impression is crucial. That first impression occurs in the first 1/20th of a second and lasts throughout the site experience.

    1. Answer this question FIRST on the homepage: What makes this firm unique?
    2. Clearly establish the personality and accolades.
    3. Show your firm to be important, confident and a leader.
    4. Engage with the visitor. Create a dialogue using interactive devices such as Flash animation, surveys, video, etc.
    5. Tell your story with case studies, quotes, video and a dynamic image strategy.
    6. Bring your brand strategy to life. Have something to say and say it with style.

    View some examples of the best homepages in the business.


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